Appointment Making Process

uEHR360 is an online platform that helps you streamline one of the most important parts of your practice – uEHR360! With uEHR360, you can facilitate the appointment making process, without any hassle of ongoing to-and-from rounds of conventional phone calls and follow-up emails.

An availability based collaboration tool

Whatever time of the day or day of the week, your patients will not have to wait for your offices to be open to make an appointment with medical professionals. uEHR360 enables both, doctors as well as patients, to effectively coordinate and set up schedules.

Wondering how it works? It is very simple!

uEHR360 can be easily integrated with your website where your visitors can select a time for appointment as per your schedule which is constantly updated online. The system captures this time and sends you a notification with appointment details such as reason for visit insurance information etc.