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Claiming to be one of the largest professional business networks which includes labs, pharmacies, imaging centers and other medical facilities, uEHR360 is an innovative and  comprehensive healthcare services management solution, especially designed for doctors and clinics to streamline their operations and processes.


Cloud-based Solution

Implement Israt, a cloud-based SaaS Platform for doctors, clinics and patients, featuring records maintenance, patient portal, billing services and practice management modules.

Performance & Security

Now provide best-in-class healthcare service to your patients using either our All-in-one solution or its standalone modules, in a completely secure and bug-free environment.

Responsive Design

Your search for a robust multi-platform enterprise solution to improve your existing operations ends here – Check out what uEHR360 has on offer in terms of an evolutionary design.

FAQs – General, Pricing and Billing, Support, Integration and Implementation, Security and Privacy


What is Israt?

uEHR360 is an enterprise healthcare operations management solution, made available to doctors, clinics and other healthcare providers. With Israt, you are enabled to provide better care and service to you patients, while automating all your operational functions.

How does uEHR360 work?

uEHR360 operates on multiple platforms and can be used on the go, anywhere and anytime. Developed by some sharp minds in our team, uEHR360 is provided as a cloud-based solution as part of a Software as a Service model. We have made uEHR360 available for you in an All-in-one package and individual modules. Refer our Services section for more information.

Is uEHR360 free?

No. You can view our Pricing page to understand the pricing structure for Israt. You may opt either a the entire All-in-one Software Package or its individual modules as per your requirements.

How can uEHR360 help?

Designed to automate your existing systems and processes, uEHR360 helps in many ways. Right from
appointment setting to report delivery, billing, collections and record maintenance, uEHR360 helps deliver all aspects of the practice management operation.

Can someone contact me to explain this further?

Please visit our Contact section and drop us an email. We will make sure that one of our Representative Consultants will get in touch with you to help you out.

Do I have post-deployment support from Israt?

Yes. We offer you a post deployment phase support in case there are any queries.

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