Electronic Health Records

Connect. Collaborate. Transform

Check out this strong and robust EHR solution to evolve your health practices with an assurance of a user-friendly interface, high-end performance and excellent operational support. Look below for some of its unmatched features


Strategically developed with advanced interoperability at the core, uEHR360 facilitates free-flowing communication, exchange and application of the information that is exchanged with support provided for hospitals, labs, pharmacies, radiology services, imaging labs and various registries.

Electronic Labs

Aimed at assisting you in collaborating with medical labs according to your preference, we have enabled one-click facilities for you to raise orders and receive deliveries, combined with a facility to pull out intelligent reports in real time.

Electronic Prescribing

Designed to give smart access to a huge number of pharmacies, with focus on presenting updated knowledge of drugs and ensuring quick and safe e-prescriptions. This system can work wonders by helping you provide access to historical prescriptions, drug reactions, dosage precautions and much more.

Workflow Automation

Customized to your practice methodologies and processes, we help you automate all processes and operations by adding efficiency, technique and reliability. The eventual results that you can achieve are higher productivity, seamless revenue cycles, optimum service quality, complete adherence and patient management.