Make use of our Free Learning Resources

We believe in educating our partners and friends in the industry and with this belief at our core, uEHR360 plans to organize free Webinars for you. With our targeted Webinars that would cover niche subjects related to healthcare, patient care, customer service, deployment of technology, improvement in processes and much more, we are looking forward to gain an edge in the market.

Conducted by well-known and respected Health and IT stalwarts, these webinars can be attended by anyone on the planet – the only thing is, you would be required to register. Find below a populated list of our scheduled Webinars with an option for registration for each of them. We would love to hear your queries and feedbacks related to webinars. uEHR360 urges you to attend our Webinars regularly – recommend us to your friends and family if you happen to like the way we do it!